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    Do you miss the connection with Nature?

    Do you know the feeling that there is "not enough time"?

    What if using another Calendar could Change Your Life?


    Our society experiences an artificial irregularity with a calendar divided in 12 months of 30 or 31 and sometimes 28 or 29 days. The Mayan, the keepers of Universal Time, use a completely different time-measuring system.

    They use an even division of the year in 13 times 28 days, synchronised with the cycles of the Moon around Earth, when seen from Space.

    An Equal distribution of Time throughout the year brings Harmony to Life.

    In the Galactic Calendar, the new year starts on July 26. This is the reference day on which the star Sirius rises together with the sun, meaningful coincidentally, in exactly the same place in the sky.


    With this Galactic Calendar, you align yourself with the natural cycles of the Earth, Moon, Sun & Milky Way. The Druids, Celts, Egyptians, Essenes, Eskimos, Incas, Maya, Chinese & Polynesians ALL use this universal time-keeping system!


    Change your Time :: Change your Mind :: Change the World


    This Galactic Calendar is divided in 13 x 28 days + 1 "Day Out Of Time"

    and bridges the 12 month and 13 moon calendar system.

    Along with the rise of the Star Sirius, the year Starts on July 26.

    Environmentally Friendly Printed on professional photo paper with wire-o hanging system


    Do you love to experience the Rhythm of Nature?

    Are you Ready to Time-Travel around the world?
    Would you wish to live a year filled with Meaningful Coincidences?


    Travel around the world to 13 Majestic Mountains, 

    bring Inspiring Quotes and the Natural Rhythms of the Universe into your Home and experience more Meaningful Coincidences.


    Are you ready to Flow with Natural Time?

    A Sh!ft in Hum^n Consc!ousness? 

    World Peace?


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    and receive your unique Galactic Calendar

    in the beginning of July 



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    • Why doesn't Each Moon / Month begin on a Full or New Moon


      SEEN from EARTH

      In this calendar system, we refer to the 28-day cycle as a “Moon”, because it is the average between the 29,5 day synodic cycle of the moon - new moon to new moon - and the 27,3 sidereal cycle of the moon - when she returns to the same place in the sky


      SEEN from SPACE

      It takes the Moon approximatily 28 days to orbit the Earth. She makes this orbit 13 times a year. In the time it takes our Earth to orbit the Sun once, our Moon has orbited us 13 times. Therefore, 13 months of 28 days is a natural and logical way to measure the year. 


      This calendar is NOT the same as commonly used “Lunar Calendars” which are based on the phases of the moon, the synodic cycle.


      This Time-Keeping System is actually a Solar-Lunar-Galactic Calendar!


      Source: 13moon & LawOfTime

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