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The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend 
Henri Bergson

© 2019 Photography and webdesign by Toon Muylaert

The equal distribution of 13 x 28 days brings more harmony throughout the year.
It corresponds with the cycles of the moon around the Earth, when seen from space.
This galactic time-keeping system was used by the Egyptians, Maya’s, Kelts and many more.

Would you wish to read more about the 13 moon calendar system?

Link to 13months28days or 13 moon year

I hope to build the bridge between the 12 month and the 13 moon system and combine both here.

May we live together towards a more harmonious and peaceful world.

You can introduce this calendar in your life in exchange for € 30.


Pre-order now & pay later.
I will get back to you with more details when the 2020 - 2021 calendar is available.

Please mention your preferred version:

- US time zones, week starting on Sunday

- EU time zones, week starting on Monday

- BE & NL, see Dutch version