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The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend 
Henri Bergson

© 2019 Photography and webdesign by Toon Muylaert


As a photographer, I go to the most inspiring places on earth. I first connect with the people, the culture and the natural environment. When I am moved, be it by the vastness of nature, the smiles of children or the wisdom of ancient cultures, I capture the moment.

For me, this is what every picture is about: 
I wander in grace, 
the wonder of the moment moves me, 
that is when I focus my camera.

I am born in Belgium. Both of my parents are passionate about photography. They are my inspiration, give me unconditional love and teach me to live in harmony with nature. I live a lifestyle of well being, with the values of equality, respect and gratitude. While exploring the beauty and freedom of travelling around the globe, I learn numerous life lessons and live many magical moments. Photography makes it possible to share these deep connections.

Enjoy the beauty of the people and our precious planet earth.

With Love,



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